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3.11 | 松山文創園區四號倉庫

As global warming and extreme weathers happen around the world more frequently, we witness how higher temperatures trigger climatical chaos, impact on ecosystems, and jeopardize human survivals. People are increasingly concerned about how mass productions harm natural environments. In recent years, fashion brands globally pay additional attention on sustainability in their supply chains and products. This change is driven by conscious consumers, as they start to ask if fashion industries offer eco-friendly products.

The COVID-19 pandemic offers an opportunity to rethink about our business models. Brands in Taiwan interpret this subject from a sustainable perspective. In SS21 fashion week, #DAMUR included traveling under the pandemic into its design. With CNS P2-grade non-woven fabric and digital patterns, it created items that respond to the world. Luxxury Godbage deconstructed and reconstructed fashion with “redesign, reproduce, and reuse” methods to remind people about the importance of environment.

It’s time for everyone in fashion industries to work together. Taipei Sustainable Collections in 2021 Taipei Fashion Week connects premium functional fabrics manufacturers in Taiwan with outstanding designers. With eco-friendly and sustainable materials, they will deliver a refreshing showcase. We look forward to future developments towards sustainable fashion in the supply chain. From reusing scrap materials, low-emission process, to innovative upcycling, it would be a new chapter for local and international markets. While responding to market demands, it is possible for fashion industries to leave a positive influence to the environment.

:Claudia Wang 王 子欣


Extended from the 2049 theme in the last season, AW21 collection integrates alien plants and flowers, urban check pattern and brand logo into signature color tones. It transforms sophisticated pattern design, and combines with graffiti styles to deliver avant-garde and metro designs. To minimize wastes in the process, the brand continues to utilize 3D virtual technology, and choose sustainable or recycled materials. With digital patterns, accessories, interactive effects, and technology, the collection responds to sustainability appeals, and presents atypical eco-friendly designs.



DYCTEAM since 2008, standing for “Define Your Character”, is inspired and created by the observation of daily life. We provide the suited and stylish life wear with unique jacquard denim and functional materials to bring out more comfort and warmth.

The theme of Taipei Fashion Week AW21 collection is “re:form” to highlight the environmental coexistence, life after the pandemic, and fashion. In addition to the recycled materials and organic cotton used in the past four years, cooperation with Hermin Textile, Develop Chime, Creative Tech Textile and 496Fabric is continued to use shell fabric made of recycled PET yarn, eco-friendly processed natural cotton, reusable three-layered nylon with 10K/7K waterproof and breathability, down alternative of functional & recyclable materials, and sustainable and biodegradable insulation layers. The collection aims to minimize harms to the earth, and reinventing DYCTEAM’s image and style.

:JUST IN XX 周 裕穎


Justin Chou, the fashion designer of JUST IN XX and the first Taiwanese to be selected to join New York Fashion Week, is in charge of the design of the opening ceremony outfit of 2021 Tokyo Olympics for Chinese Taipei, making a uniform full of culture, local vibes, and craftsmanship for Taiwanese Olympic athletes. The clothing in the Sustainable Fashion Show is extended from Olympic uniforms designed by Justin Chou. Inspired by the common memory of Taiwanese people, “window grating”, and the emblem of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, “plum flower ”, it uses fabrics by the top Taiwanese functional textile manufacturers made from plastic bottles, industrial wastes, and non-toxic remade fabrics. The uniform is not only extremely functional but also demonstrates three core concepts, “concept sustainability”, “material sustainability”, and “technique sustainability”. The series recreates the design of window gratings with eco-friendly leathers, and assembles scrap materials into fashionable items. With traditional Taiwanese crafts and modern technologies, the designer delivers exceptional perspectives on sustainability in every detail.

:oqLiq 林 家豪   洪 琪


oqLiq is a high-end functional fashion brand created by Taiwanese designers Orbit Lin and Kay Hung since 2010. Combining the R&D advantages of Taiwan textiles in the global apparel supply chain, oqLiq's aesthetics integrates oriental simplicity and street fashion concepts to redefine outdoor functional clothing.

It transforms oriental text lines into clothing cutting, cocoon silhouette, enlarges the space between body and clothing, and shapes the outline of female attitude. Smawarm®, drawn from oyster shells, is used as a thermal insulation layer. Stitch and gourd patterns in the M65 military uniform quilt are processed by hot pressing with high frequency technology to seamlessly spread quilt fabric. Irregular checkered wool texture Seawool® and refraction effect fabric create the main DNA of the series. Bi-birth sludge leather bag extends the overall concept.



In the A/W 21 collection, functional streetwear label WEAVISM screams out “WE ARE NOT PLASTIC!”. Most of the functional fabrics nowadays are petroleum based, which has the potential problems of microplastic pollution into the ocean. WEAVISM worked with Hermin Textile and developed unconventional and sustainable fabrics using natural materials only. These functional natural fibers are biodegradable to eliminate microplastic issues in the ocean, and minimize harms to the earth. The silhouette remains trendy and sleek, and underlines new materials and crafts. These designs deliver street fashion and promise to be environmentally conscious at the same time.

:#DAMUR 黃 世舜


Damur Huang founded his namesake label #DAMUR in Berlin in 2015. On January 20th, 2021, #DAMUR was invited to Berlin Fashion Week for the third time to present its AW21/22 collections "#kiosk" and "#Travelwear 2.0". The #kiosk collection is 100% upcycled from Berliner second-hand clothes and stock fabrics. It aims to question the current overproduction in the fashion industry and the ongoing dialogue on #WhatIsSustainableFashion . Throughout the collection, Damur also tries to reduce the recycling process, and proposes scientific and economical design methods and processes. #Travelwear 2.0 uses Taiwan's latest machine washable metallic membrane and lamination technology, and combines with the brand's bold fashion style. With the pandemic and the needs in future life in mind, he envisions new concepts for the fashion industry. With the Berlin-style Naughty Elegance, everyone can find his/her own unique hashtag.



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