2021 Taipei Fashion Week AW21

:young talent-student show

Through the collaboration between Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, students from four universities are provided with resources and an international stage to manifest their talent for design in two shows at the Taipei Fashion Week. Enormous potentiality and brilliant creativity are presented in these cross-disciplinary sound and visual performances.


  • 召集人 孫正華
  • 江夏碧、李忻潔、李毓娟、杜祖業、陳悅宜、黃維崇、楊茵絜

:Fu Jen Catholic University

College of Fashion & Textiles

With over 50 years of outstanding history and achievements, the College underlines sustainable fashion, and educates pioneering and competitive industry professionals via reorganization, curriculum reform, enabling environment, and industrial collaborations. Extended from the 2020 graduation project, the show highlights sustainable spirits. Design and technology are inherited, developed and sustained. From the beginning of everything, it evolves and presents heterogeneity as a contemporary feature in Taiwan. From past, present, to future, it extracts sustainable dynamics for abstract and concrete creativity. The show collaborates with the Department of Physical Education, Department of Music, and Department of Applied Arts. With dance, music, and creative visuals, it presents refreshing sensory experiences in culture, arts and fashion.

:Shih Chien University

Department of Fashion Design, Taipei Campus
Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising, Department of Fashion Design, Kaohsiung Campus

Shih Chien University is the first university in Taiwan to establish a higher education in fashion design and is now in its 63rd year. This show is composed of work from both the Department of Fashion Design, Taipei campus, and the Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising, Kaohsiung Campus.

“Freedom and Gloriousness” is the concept of the show and it’s the first time that a joint performance between our 2 wonderful institutes has been arranged. This unprecedented event, fusing cross-department graduates will proudly represent the teaching characteristics of each department. The show will consist of 80 carefully selected outfits that demonstrate our cultural diversity, avant-garde approach, functional design and sustainable fashion. The collection will convey a message of wonder and liberation to all.

:Ling Tung University

College of Fashion

The College is committed to educating professionals sensitive to international development and information technology. It aims to become the most pioneering college of fashion in Taiwan. Inspired by the pandemic, the show presents how humans lose heavenly grace and belief, and generate temper, confusion, and untruthfulness are transformed into styles and outfits. The Seven-Year-story series reflects on students’ seven years of fashion experiences and hard work, as well as seven months struggles of making their graduation project. The “In My View” series returns us to pure minds. The selfless family bonds and emotions lead us to the new post-pandemic world.

:Shu-Te University

Department of Fashion Design

The Department aims to educate outstanding stylists for the fashion industry. With innovation, development, and application capabilities, students will become fashion workers in the globalized world. Over the past 20 years, students continue to move forward with a positive attitude, and search for personal values via creative works. It’s a coming-of-age process. The show also invites eight student dancers to stage a “Southern Temper” performance. It combines fashion, art, and culture to demonstrate fashion and cultural dynamics from southern Taiwan



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