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3.10 - 3.15 | Songshan Cultural & Creative Park Warehouse No.4

2021 A/W Taipei Fashion Week selects 14 Taiwanese brands to participate. In the ongoing pandemic, the shows design venues based on participating styles,work with designers to address unprecedented challenges, and attract local and international attention.

:ALLENKO3 柯 瑋倫


Founded in 2018 by Allen Ko, the brand deconstructs functional outfits and transforms into experimental and practical urban styles. It uses fashion to propose various experimental cultural discourses. It has been invited to design for attending guests at Golden Bell Awards and Golden Melody Awards. The collection this season is named “90: Evolution”. Living between information overload and traditional communities, young people are looking for identity, but also regarded as rebellious. The collection deconstructs student uniforms and demonstrates “orderly rebellion”. Creative leather works by artist POGA are incorporated to blur the line between outfits and human bodies.

:BOB Jian 簡 國彥


BOB Jian specializes in gowns that highlight female figures. Since 2011, the brand has customized designs for over 100 celebrities with the ideal to make gowns fashionable. Unlike conventional gowns, each item by BOB Jian fits in daily scenarios and matches well with casual dress. In appreciation of the gods’ blessing upon fashion in Taiwan in the pandenmic and inspired by the designer’s childhood memory of temple fairs, this collection is a modern transformation from traditional costumes with colorful combinations of oriental patterns and the masks of the eight religious advance guards. The vanguard Asian band LUXY BOYZ and noted headpiece designer Wenting Huo are invited to join the presentation and perform for participants to the fashion week.

:C JEAN 簡 君嫄


C JEAN combines the spirit of Eastern art with contemporary Western aesthetics. Designer Chun-Yuan Jean pays special attention to her brand's materials and tailoring while focusing on her work and details. C JEAN's brand focuses on traditional crafts and fabric development, all while carefully taking inspiration from nature's colors. Chun-Yuan Jean's use of clean lines displays the elegance and independence of the modern woman. Designer Chun-Yuan Jean emphasizes women's social issues, natural phenomena, and the use of different art materials in her work to illustrate her creative inspiration and abstract emotions.

“Lost Birds” is an ode to the passing of time and disappearing species. These species that we so lovingly cherish, have not only left impressions on our world but lasting footprints in our memories as well. While humans have continued to thrive in our overdeveloped world, birds have gradually faded into our planet’s expansive ecology. C JEAN’s mission is to revive our planet’s disappearing bird species through fashion and art. When we lose bird species like parrots and pigeons, we often do not notice a difference in our everyday lives. Many birds play an important role in our planet’s ecosystem; they pollinate and sow our plants. With the gradual decline of birds, our planet grows more susceptible to forest degradation. C JEAN believes that all species are valuable. As humans – the top of nature’s ecosystem and the beings in charge of the prosperity of our environment – we are responsible for ensuring that we do not continue the destruction of the planet we all call our home. Art is created to help encourage a deeper understanding and connection to our world. C JEAN hopes to bring to light the precious species that are disappearing from our planet. From the summit of our mountains to our snow-covered earth, many beautiful creatures work hard to thrive. C JEAN wholeheartedly believes that every species is worth a life in this world. By raising awareness of the jeopardy we place on our increasingly endangered species, we can change our behavior and better our relationship with the Earth.

:Dleet 李 倍


Founded in 2011, the brand by Lee Bei is famous for his avant-garde but highly practical styles, he uses minimalist silhouettes, black and white basic tones, and the deconstruction and reorganization as the brand’s backbone. These outfits are not only a part of daily life, but also works of art. AW21 inspired by Time-Pausing, the designer wonders what period you would like to stay, if you have the choice. A paper airplane finds out the secret in the closet, and struggles with making choices. With two cups of black coffee, dual personalities are developed. When outfits are more than outfits, Dleet invites you to discover your hidden personalities.

:DOUCHANGLEE 竇 騰璜  與  張李 玉菁


Founded by a renowned designer duo Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin in Taiwan in 1995, the brand conveys contemporary concepts in balanced profiles. Sleek but dramatic, it explores beauty between retro and future. The brand combines innovative designs and classic cuttings, and offers new values to conventional materials with artistic perspectives. The 2021 A/W collection is titled “real world”, as real and virtual coexist and influence each other. Contrasts are put in parallel to identify new balances. Classic components and tech materials work together towards a different future.



GIOIA PAN 2021 Autumn/Winter Collections – Interfusion

Gioia PAN Yiliang is among the very few global designers that specialize in knitting fashion. With knitting techniques as common threads, GIOIA PAN collections emphasize both textures and designs. Her originality interfuses elegant, retro, romantic, and classy styles. Gioia has the expertise to depict simple and clean outlines of perfect contours with the pendulous and elastic characteristics of knitting.

With her substantial faculty of original knitting designs, Gioia derives inspirations from various aspects in life, and never ceases to arouse spanking new waves of creativity. Gioia’s exquisite knitting and weaving virtuosity explores the charm of fashion. Driven by her passionate pursuit for the knitting artistry, Gioia unrelentingly kindles fresh fashion sparks, and enjoys the fame as the Knitting Queen.

The foundation of her unique techniques and aesthetics was developed during the rigorous training at Japan’s Culture & Fashion Institute and the graduate study at Taiwan’s Fu Jen University. In 2014, she attended the China Fashion Week and won the Oscar of the fashion design in China – the Golden Top Award. She was invited to showcase her collections during the New York Fashion Week in 2016.

:INF 郭 瑋


Founded in 2011, INF by Kuo Wei has been selected into Taipei Fashion Week for three years in a row. Noted for versatility and structure, his dark styles advocate sustainable design to create unique items. Inspired by changing retail landscapes in Taiwan, the 2021 A/W collection uses patterns and embroidery to transform cultural elements, and produces with plastic bags. It's a show to tell stories with fashion.

:Isabelle Wen 溫 慶珠


Over the past 25 years, Isabelle Wen is not only a leading fashion designer in Taiwan, but also famous for aesthetics in contrast. She exhibits sophisticated decorative styles on glamorous gowns. On cotton, linen, denim and other common fabrics, she adds laces, sequins, and other outstanding effects to make each item unique with a vintage sense. In her 2021 A/W collection, Wen is more committed to the power of beauty to reflect the worldwide situation. To visualize the free spirit of the soul, this collection is named “Roman Roland”. The cuttings demonstrate elegant and feminine lines through mixture of crystal chip-like material, natural silk and linen, as her design languages are renowned for a mix of classic and modern, and raw and sophistication. She uses calm tones to respond to the stress of social reality while displaying the beauty of eternity with poetic postures.

:Seivson 申 子芹


Inspired by various female postures, the up-and-coming designer Jill Shen has been selected by Taiwanese government back to back to present works in the fashion weeks of Tokyo and New York. Believing that fashion should return to nature and connect with life, she is committed to maximize the possibility of clothing and matching.

Seivson 2021AW : 2062 MORN

2062 morning. After the Judgement Day…

Fog in the air, warm and colorful light pours in. Rainbow in the sky symbolizing the faith, bright like sunshine, like the unique and colorful morning air from the future, like the innocence of a child. Walking to hope and light.

Is it the smell from the future….? What is the secret hiding in the air? Is the time traveler traveling freely through dimensional spaces? What is the message you in 2062 wants to tell yourself now in 2021? And what do the twelve disciples wearing Seivson symbolize?



Founded in 1978, the brand by Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia pursues Oriental aesthetics to evolve historical wisdom with creative designs. From colors to lines, the poetic textures are embodied in each item. The collection uses profiles to demonstrate the sense of time. The signature embroidery is highlighted by a wide variety of materials to offer beautiful hopes amid this world under pandemic.

:SILZENCE men 陳 俊良


With over 20 years of experience, the award-winning designer Junliang Chen launched the brand “SILZENCE men” in 2017. Based on modern and Oriental design languages and aesthetic values, it focuses on the local culture, humanity and social issues. It collaborates with traditional crafts to innovate fashion and culture in Taiwan, and the result is a brand new direction to lead the future trend that manifests the charm of fashion culture in Taiwan. Themed “Void Color”, this collection returns to plain basics with elegant local components, as seen in the muti-layered long leggings, the short fitted padded jacket, the Mandarin collar with flashing-colored border and long cardigan with a waist belt, etc. Color contrasts and Oriental lines offer different views in moving or pauses.

:UUIN 劉 子超   劉 燕純   林 宏諭


Founded by c Tzutsao Liu, Andrea Liu and an Lin, their experiences in concert costumes, high-end couture, and innovative functional outfits ensure comfort, sophistication and aesthetics. Inspired by contemporary photography works, the 2021 A/W collection develops new fabric patterns.

:#DAMUR 黃 世舜


Damur Huang found his own name label #DAMUR in Berlin in 2015. In 2019, he won the 2019/20 AW PREMIUM Young Talents Award, and he is currently presenting his creativity actively in European and Asian markets. During the 2021 Berlin Fashion Week, he presented his 9th collection under the brand of #DAMUR.

On January 20th, 2021, #DAMUR was invited to Berlin Fashion Week for the third time to present its AW21/22 collections "#kiosk" and "#Travelwear 2.0". The #kiosk collection is 100% upcycled from Berliner second-hand clothes and stock fabrics, it’s aiming to question the current overproduction in the fashion industry and the ongoing dialogue on #WhatIsSustainableFashion. Through the collection, Damur also tried to reduce the need to recycle raw materials, and proposed scientific and economical design methods and processes. #Travelwear 2.0 uses Taiwan’s latest machine washable metallic membrane and lamination technology, and combined the brand's bold fashion style with the realistic context of epidemic prevention and the needs of future life, proposing a new vision for the development of the fashion industry.



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