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Xinyi Xiangdi Fashion Boulevard 信義香堤時尚大道

29th. SEP. (Fri.) - 22th. OCT. (Sun.) @ Xinyi Xiangdi Plaza and Xiangdi Boulevard 29th. SEP. (五) - 22th. OCT. (日) @ 信義香堤廣場&香堤大道

We invite everyone to be an integral part of Taipei Fashion Week 2023 and join the excitement in Xinyi District! From September 29th (Friday) to October 22nd (Sunday), we're creating the exclusive "Xiangdi Fashion Boulevard" for Fashion Week. It will feature the most trendy fashion and beauty brand pop-up shops, including Columbia Sportswear, Relove, MuseTime, SAMSUNG, AIGLE, Domohorn Wrinkle, COACH, and more.

We've brought together the latest in casual fashion, mobile technology, and preferred beauty and skincare brands, offering exciting pop-up shop exclusive experiences and special promotions throughout the event. Don't miss the eye-catching VOGUE ZONE, a hotspot for fashion, art, music, and beauty-themed interactive experiences.

Additionally, in front of Breeze Song Gao Branch, you can catch a glimpse of the all-new luxury electric vehicle, the LEXUS RZ 450e, showcasing the future with sustainability and groundbreaking technology.
邀請全民一同響應成為2023臺北時裝週裡重要的一員,一起嗨翻整個信義區!9/29(五)- 10/22(日)時裝週期間限定打造香堤時尚大道,集結最IN時尚美妝品牌特色快閃店,包括:Columbia Sportswear、Relove、MuseTime 、SAMSUNG、AIGLE 、朵茉麗蔻、COACH等,集結時下最流行的休閒時尚,手機科技以及美妝保養首選品牌等,提供有趣的快閃店限定體驗與期間優惠活動,以及吸睛的潮人拍照打卡熱點VOGUE ZONE,提供時尚、藝術、音樂與美妝主題互動體驗活動。此外,在微風松高前還可以看到LEXUS展出的全新豪華電動車RZ 450e,感受LEXUS電能新境界,以永續思維及劃時代的先進科技引領前往未來。

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Xinyi ! Xiangdi Fashion Boulevard x Nuit Blanche 信義!香堤時尚大道 x 白晝之夜

7th. OCT. (Sat.) 13:00-22:00 @ Xinyi Xiangdi Plaza and Xiangdi Boulevard 7th. OCT. (六) 13:00-22:00 @ 信義香堤廣場&香堤大道

From October 7th to October 8th, in conjunction with Nuit Blanche, we invite everyone to enthusiastically participate in weekend activities on the nort section of Xinyi Xiangdi Boulevard in the VOGUE ZONE. We will have limited fashion booths offering beauty experiences provided by Artistry and ETVOS, FIJI WATER brings a concept of eco water drinking, as well as a display of the latest Korean cosmetics brand WHOO.

There will also be a photo booth, and performances by up-and-coming talents from various fields and hip-hop artists. This allows people to follow the path of daylight, embark on a fashionable night tour, and enjoy the ever-beautiful fashion city of Taipei as it transitions into the night. This will energize us for the upcoming fashion shows!
10/7-10/8 串聯白晝之夜,邀請民眾熱情參與週末活動,信義香堤大道北段VOGUE ZONE 推出限定時尚攤位,由Artistry雅芝及ETVOS提供美妝體驗服務、FIJI WATER 飲出環保概念、WHOO后最新妝品展示等,還有拍貼機,以及集結各界潛力新星與嘻哈歌手展演,讓民眾循著白晝之路,時尚夜遊,享受臺北時裝週越夜越美麗的時尚不夜城,更為接下來的時尚大秀續力!

Xinyi ! The new voice from the block of Xiangdi x Hip Pop 信義!香堤街區新聲嘻哈

7th. OCT. (Sat.) 14:00-22:00 | 8th. OCT. (Sun.) 14:00-21:00 @ Xinyi Xiangdi Boulevard North Section 7th. OCT. (六) 13:00-22:00 | 8th. OCT. (六) 13:00-21:00 @ 信義香堤大道 北段

Bringing together emerging talents from various fields and hip-hop artists, we'll set the stage on fire at Xinyi Xiangdi! During the weekend activities from October 7th to October 8th, we've invited street performers, hip-hop artists, and more to deliver thrilling performances. Come and experience the irresistable charm of the new generation of stars! 聚集各界潛力新星與嘻哈歌手展演,熱情掀翻整個信義香堤!10/7-10/8 週末活動,現場邀請到街頭藝人、嘻哈歌手等帶來精彩演出,感受新世代星星的無限魅力!

Fashion Street Snapshots: You Are The Person to Showcase The Most Beautiful Scenery of Taipei Street Fashion 時尚街拍 臺北街頭時尚由你展現最美風景

1st. OCT. (Sat.) 14:00-18:00 @ MRT Zhongshan Station Xianxing Park | 4th. OCT. (Sat.) 14:00-17:00 @ SOGO Department Store Fuxing Branch Ground Floor Outdoor Plaza 1st. OCT. (六) 14:00-18:00 @ 捷運中山站線形公園 | 14th. OCT. (六) 14:00-17:00 @ SOGO復興館1樓戶外廣場

Do you like street photography? Do you have a passion for fashion? Join the annual Taipei Fashion Week event in October and showcase your fashion sense in street photography activities! Put on stylish clothing that matches the dress code, head to the street photography event location, and participate in the 2023 Taipei Fashion Week - Fashion Street Snapshot. You have a chance to be invited for a photo shoot by street photographers, featured on the official VOGUE platform, and even win entrance tickets of the closing show on October 22nd! 你喜歡街拍嗎?你喜歡時尚嗎? 一起加入每年十月份的臺北時裝週盛事,在街拍活動中展現你的時尚潮流品味吧! 穿上符合Dresscode的風格服裝,前往街拍活動地點參與2023 臺北時裝週-時尚街拍,就有機會被街拍攝影師邀請拍攝,登上VOGUE官方平台,並有機會抽中10/22閉幕大秀入場券!


October 1st (Saturday) 14:00-18:00 10/1(六)14:00-18:00
MRT Zhongshan Station Xianxing Park 捷運中山站線形公園
Wear your most confident fashion style 穿出你最自信的時尚風格


October 14th (Saturday) 14:00-17:00 10/14(六)14:00-17:00
SOGO Department Store Fuxing Branch Ground Floor Outdoor Plaza SOGO復興館1樓戶外廣場
Wear your most chic Taipei fashion 穿出你最時髦的臺北潮範

East District! Fashion Flash Mob 東區!時尚快閃秀

14th. OCT. (Sat.) 14:00-17:00 @ SOGO Department Store Fuxing Branch Ground Floor Outdoor Plaza 14th. OCT. (六) 14:00-17:00 @ SOGO復興館1樓戶外廣場

The series events of Taipei Fashion Week has extended the location from fashionable Xing-Yi District to the chic and trendy place of Taipei style- East District. A fashion street flash mob show is going to take place at the outdoor plaze in front of SOGO Department Store Fuxing Branch at 2 pm, October 14th (Saturday). The performance is the closing show of six designers- ALLENKO3, BOB Jian, JUST IN XXX, TANGTSUNGCHIEN, designer trio brand PCES, and Story Wear. They are going to promote Taiwan fashion and interact with the public, which is a big plus for “2023 Taipei Fashion Week”. If you are still interested in all these garments and accessories after watching the show, please visit the select shop on the 5th floor of SOGO Department Store Fuxing Branch to see and purchase these designers’ creations. 時裝週系列活動從時尚信義區延伸到臺北的風格潮流聖地—東區商圈,10/14(六)14:00 將於SOGO 復興館廣場展開時尚街頭快閃秀,展演此次閉幕大秀六位設計師─ALLENKO3柯瑋倫、BOB Jian簡國彥、JUST IN XX 周裕穎、TANGTSUNGCHIEN唐宗謙、PCES設計師三人組暢芷荺、李玉琪、Bruno Chung,以及Story Wear陳冠百的系列服裝,近距離與民眾接觸、推廣時裝,為《2023臺北時裝週》時尚加乘。如果看完精彩的東區快閃時裝秀,仍然意猶未盡的話,記得前往SOGO復興館5樓的設計師選品店盡情的欣賞與選購designer時裝配件。

Multiple Fashion Enjoyment: Stylish Boutique Shops in Three Major Shopping Districts 時尚加乘 三大商圈風格店家

29th. SEP. (Fri.) to 22th. OCT. (Sun.) 29th. SEP. (五) to 22th. OCT. (日)

One of the highlights of the second half of this year is Taipei Fashion Week. In addition to the well-known fashion shows, it also connects the three popular districts of Xinyi, Nanshi, and the East District. It gathers the trendy vibes of the East District alleys, the beloved Chifeng Street for coffee-loving hipsters, and the streets of Xinyi filled with numerous high-quality boutiques. More than 30 super popular stylish stores from Xinyi, Nanshi, and the East District have been carefully selected, including trendy clothing, quality dining, versatile accessories, light snacks, and desserts. They will collaborate with the 2023 Taipei Fashion Week to ignite new sparks, bringing unique stores hidden in the city's alleys quickly into the public eye. Let's all participate in this lively fashion carnival together! 今年下半年重頭戲之一的臺北時裝週,除了眾所皆知的時尚大秀外,亦串聯信義、南西、東區三大熱門商圈,集結潮流感的東區小巷、跑咖文青最愛的赤峰街,以及聚集眾多質感店家的信義街頭,精選信義區、南西區、東區超過30間超人氣品牌風格店,包含潮流服飾、質感餐飲、百搭飾品、輕食甜點等,將攜手2023臺北時裝週擦出新火花,讓隱身在城市巷弄的獨特店家迅速進入大眾視野,一同響應這場熱鬧的時尚嘉年華!


11th. OCT. (Wed.) to 29th. OCT. (Sun.) 11th. OCT. (三) to 29th. OCT. (日)

2024 SS Taipei Fashion Week collaborates with SOGO Fuxing Pavilion, which gathers many apparel boutiques. In addition, it provides an opportunity for Taiwan designers to be in the retail channel of a department store. Designer brands are able to directly face the consumer market, meanwhile, it further enhances the commercial image of Taipei Fashion Week.

Taipei Fashion Week Select Shop finely selects more than 40 excellent clothing and accessories brands. with the largest and most complete collections, it is definitely a boutique shop with diversity and rich contents! Each product has the individual characteristics of each designer from material to tailoring design. You are able to find an item which echoes your style in Taipei Fashion Week Select Shop, from Taiwanese humanistic traditions, exotic culture to current popular items. It is a must go place for every fashion lover!

The campaign is from October 11 to October 29, 2023. We sincerely invite you to the SOGO Fuxing 5F to experience the unique charisma of Taiwanese designers!



When Contemporary Craftsmanship Meets Fashion 當代工藝 時尚跨界

13th. OCT. (Fri.) to 16th. OCT. (Mon.) 13th. OCT. (五) to 16th. OCT. (ㄧ)

Gratitude to nature for its gifts of gold, stone, trees, and bamboo all these precious materials. The island we’re living on is so rich in resources,and has provided Taiwan's traditional craftsmanship with a solid foundation, much like a great nurture from a mother.

However, with the transformation of contemporary lifestyles, young contemporary craftsmen and craftswomen in Taiwan have gone beyond traditional craftsmanship. They have infused various forms of pure artistic thinking into their work, along with a heightened awareness of environmental issues. This shift has brought their creations from the realm of everyday life to the art galleries.

As for the future possibilities of craftsmanship development, it may only be through continuous experimentation and collision of ideas that new paths can be forged. The collaborative project "Contemporary Craft and Fashion Crossover" is an exploration of this very proposition. Elements like bamboo, stone, and metal, which are not commonly seen in clothing, are being used to explore new clothing structures. Plants become patterns, and the consciousness of the land is woven into the stories of the garments. As a result, craftsmanship is no longer confined to being just craftsmanship; fashion has evolved into an art form!

如此豐富的島嶼自然,化為臺灣工藝發展的厚實底蘊; 隨著生活型態流轉,當代工藝家回首工藝取材人文自然的本質, 為工藝文化注入了環境關懷與社會反思,嘗試以不同語彙再詮釋工藝記憶;

透過不斷碰撞的跨域實驗,工藝文化將開創出嶄新視野。 這次《當代工藝 時尚跨界》的共創,就是這樣的命題。 不曾出現在服裝上的竹、石、金,探索著服裝結構,編織土地意識的創作成為服裝的故事。 於是,工藝不再只是工藝,而時裝已經成為藝術!