2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21 | RE:CONNEXT

:venue | 場域介紹

:digital terminal

(Multi-showcase Exhibition Hall)

“Digital Terminal” is the venue for the digital fashion show for Taipei Fashion Week. In total darkness, the show combines large projected images, interactive technologies and audio-visual effects to feature the creations by the designers in this immersive fashion experience.

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:fashion runway

(Songshan Cultural & Creative Park Warehouse No.4)

“Fashion Base”is the venue for actual fashion shows and events. Inspired by the concept of fortress in the future, the area features large LED panels in front showcasing images by the brands in a clean and linear backdrop in total whiteness.

:fashion mart

(Songshan Cultural & Creative Park Warehouse No.2, 3)

To highlight and support Taiwan’s own fashion designers/brands, the area presents outstanding designs from Taiwan. Taiwan is equipped with a comprehensive industrial chain in fashion, including upper, mid and lower stream sectors hat encompasses product development, manufacturing, and designing. Buying Taiwan’s own products is an act of environmental sustainability - lowering carbon footprints, enhancing face-to-face interactions with designers, and enriching the connection between designers/brands with the consumers along the way.

:fashion snap installation

(outdoor spaces)

The public installation artwork combines fibers, fabrics, light materials in the dynamic design, inviting the public to enjoy the interactive experience. Hidden and unexpected surprises create a magical touch to the artwork.



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