2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21 | RE:CONNEXT

:digital themed exhibition

  • Date: October 7 - October 10
  • Venue : Outside The Multi-showcase Exhibition Hall

The concept of fashion week originated in Paris During the first half of the 20th Century, Council of Fashion Designers of America organized “New York Press Week” by clustering fashion shows into a particular time frame. This was viewed as the predecessor of New York Fashion Week. Italy followed by holding a fashion week exclusively for Italian fashion in old town Florence. London Fashion Week started in 1970s. Eventually, these international fashion weeks became regular events. In recent years, numerous cities all over the world started to organize their own fashion week. Cases in point include Tokyo and Seoul. These fashion weeks have evolved with individualistic styles. As Taipei Fashion Weeks enters its third year, the wide variety of events and richness of the program within the frame of the fashion week and special events and programs with vibrant local personalities make Taipei Fashion Week a spectacular must-go fashion event. Extending with this concept, the theme shows have become the element that best reflects the current state, energy and future outlook of Taiwan’s garment industry.

For Taipei Fashion Week SS21, although Taiwan is affected by global COVID-19 pandemic, we are fortunate to be able to go around with our normal routines. All precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the event. It is still a good time to ask ourselves: what can we do for this land we walk upon? What kind of future do we envision for this land? The changes we went through forced us to reexamine the relationship between Taiwan’s garment industry with human, time, and the land. With that in mind, the two theme shows selected for Taipei Fashion Week are Primitive Sense and Virtual Escape.

:Wei-lun Huang 黃 偉倫

Wei-lun Huang

Thirty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, half of the global population is now online. Humanity is no longer limited to a corporeal existence as their digital clones percolate the virtual world with many people roaming between the reality and the virtual world and interacting with various digital versions. As COVID-19 ravages the human race though, lockdowns, social distancing, working from home, and other stringent measures are put in place, challenging the social behaviors and constructs of trust in the real world. Humanity’s migration into the digital space becomes seemingly accelerated and yet while the digital space does offer a much-needed place for connection, humans as social beings inextricably find it hard to resist their primal needs for social interaction. Alongside a desire for human interaction, an affinity to nature, land, and reassessing value systems is also running rampant. With digital solutions already in our grasps, we yearn even more for the primitive pulsations that stirs beneath our soles. Humans are paradoxes after all and especially more so in a post-Covid world. Such conflicting nature gave rise to the two portals in the Digital Terminal: one leads to the virtual world and another to reality. The portals will guide visitors into their past and future but ultimately reconnect their journeys at the end.

:Chen-han Chyi 齊 振涵

Chen-han Chyi

Government support in the form of national policies and a maturing generation of Taiwanese designers has been elevating the clout and competitiveness of Taiwan’s brands, yet to what extent? The themed shows of the 2020 Taipei Fashion Week are the answers to that question. Virtual Escape: Taiwan leads the world in technical textiles with the development and applications of many core technologies taking place in Taiwan. Designer labels and textile factories should reach out and collaborate with each other for new insight into natural textile applications that aligns with humanity and nature but also invites discourse on coexisting with the environment. Primitive Sense: Retracing culture back to primitive times, this show will be reinterpreting traditional totems and prints of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples into new concepts and creations through a contemporary design lexicon. Making sense of Mother Earth’s gifts once again can prolong her bounty in the form of creative energy for emerging designers and also breed infinite possibilities from bygone classics.

:primitive sense

Themed Exhibition for Indigenous Peoples’ Culture

“We live in a backwards time. We can regain some small sense of that old membership by discovering the original lineaments of our land.” - Gary Snyder, American Poet. Practice of the Wild.

Inspiring ourselves through sustainability, ecosystems, and ancient crafts to evoke a primitive wisdom of ancient times where humanity suffered but also persevered against the heavens. Land should not be forgotten and each article of this planet has nourished our cultures. We must seek within ourselves for an innate instinct and create value through recycling.


Brands: Paru Cunuq/Shih Chien University Fashion Design × Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines/SABRA ANDRE

:virtual escape

Themed Exhibition for Materials

“Imagine a human hand holding a flat, rectangular object that fits perfectly into the palm. Everyone knows this image. It is well-established in our canonical perception of the everyday medial image flood. And simultaneously imitated daily through a physical gesture by most of us. The object is a smart phone; the hand is part of a body. The skin is our last barrier, and the device comes closer.” -Marie-Eve Levasseur, German Artist. I’ve got you under my skin.

Let us embark on a journey into the digital realm, stepping into a transmission pod that takes you from our reality into a dark and infinite digital world constructed from the reveries of our designers. Glide between the data streams and witness codes pierce the dark night like a meteor, leaving nothing but remnants of a light that was once there. Observe each fabric through a microscopic view and adorn technical textiles against extreme weathers created through neurological storms. The functionality of contemporary apparel exceeds any imagination and we need not remain bounded. Let us adopt new materials and engage in strange experiments to craftextreme forms and let creativity and ideas collide to form new possibilities.





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