2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21 | RE:CONNEXT

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The TFDA exhibition area is located at No. 2 and No. 3 Warehouses, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. It will be open to the public on October 5-10. The exhibition area, organized and executed by Taiwan Textile Federation, is divided into two sections: New Talent Exhibition showcases designs of the contestant finalists as well as creations by students from Ministry of Education Scholarship Program. Designer Exhibition features products by more than 40 designer brands. In addition, there will be a section designated for “Fashion Industry Crossover Project demonstration area” by Industry Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Taipei Fashion Week highlights Taiwan’s own fashion designers while enhancing interactions with the industry to create more business opportunities, particularly in B2C for the fashion industry’s overall prosperity.


Supporting Taiwan’s local designers and brands to maximize economic benefits for the industry

For Taiwan’s fashion industry, we aim to stimulate innovative developments in fashion, cultivate fashion talents, and strengthen international experiences for fashion brands. Taipei Fashion Week presents various fashion designers and brands, more media exposure, and more market opportunities.

Brands: ALLENKO3, ANDERLOS, C JEAN, Cherng Design, CLAUDIA.W, CLAYWAY, #DAMUR, Dleet, DOUCHANGLEE, Étoile Taiwan, G1 Lab, if&n, INF, JinGarden, JUST IN XX, Kimberly Lynn Accessories, L’ARMURE, LESIS, LYNLI Jewelry, Maison du Corsage, Modigliani, NIKIYEH, one day, oqLiq, Palooza, Picupi (包含木匠的家再生衣作, VOOME, Little Fox 小狐狸, PSYKHME, So 繡x 手作刺繡 等 5 家品牌), SABRINA HSIEH, Seivson, SEW INCORPORATION, SHOUSHOU, SILZENCE men, Syzygy, WasangShow, WEAVISM, WEI.TZU-YUAN, WEIYU HUNG, Yentity

:New Talent

Promotes emerging talents in fashion to stimulate their creativity

To maintain the energy of fashion, new ideas from young designers are vital. 2020 New Talent Exhibition showcases works of the 12 finalists from Taiwan Fashion Design Award organized by TTF (Taiwan Textile Federation) of MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and 6 designers nominated for MOE (Ministry of Education) Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design. These 16 talented young designers symbolize the brand new energy for Taiwan’s Fashion industry.



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