2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21 | RE:CONNEXT

:challenge | #去_你的時尚大片挑戰

:about challenge

Who defines fashion?

This year's Taipei Fashion Week hopes to return the narrative power to the people. We believe that fashion should be free and open. In this fashion blockbuster challenge, you are invited to shoot from your perspective, combined with Taiwanese local code, to define your fashion and tell your new Taiwan story.

Event period: 25th Sep. 00:00-- 2nd Oct. 24:00

Event Rules

  1. Use theIG filter and FB photo makerto incorporate this year’s theme.
  2. Tag the following official hashtags:

    (The last one is a hashtag that allows you to freely create your own personality, for example: #海邊比基尼烤肉最時尚 #誰說巴黎鐵塔才時尚行天宮最時尚)

  3. Tag the official fashion week account @tpe.fashionweek (Instagram) or @tpefashionweek (Facebook)
  4. Tag three of your fashionable friends with the most personal attitude
  5. Make your account public

The conference will select the top 18 personalities with the most impressive self-fashion posts on 4th Oct. 21:12. And present the Taipei Fashion Week limited flagship edition gift set (each containing 2 designer physical show tickets, 2 Taipei Fashion limited edition mask, and RE:CONNEXT go_your fashionable T-shirt). Besides, the top 200 fashion team members who participated in the challenge of 去_你的時尚 blockbuster can also receive a limited edition gift from Taipei Fashion Week.




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